and the ghost update script has been updated to mirror the changes in the update procedure. You can find it here:

Updates for purity to support all the new features are going to be released very soon.

As you can read from the official announcement, the new release of Ghost comes with a huge amount of features and updates:

  • Static pages. You can now toggle any post to be a “page” from within your post settings menu. This will remove it from your post feed. About / Contact / Terms galore!
  • Unsaved changes notifications. We’ll now give you a heads up when you’re about to lose unsaved changes. So you can, you know, save.
  • Featured posts. You can now mark posts as featured, and style them accordingly from within your theme.
  • Sexy new loading bar. Always know when Ghost is doing something, a little blue bar crawls across the screen to let you know!
  • Quick edit post urls. You can now slap /edit/ on the end of any post URL and, boom, you’re editing it.
  • Date based permalink support. If you like that kind of thing.
  • SSL support and a more secure password reset process.
  • Over 100 bugfixes and minor improvements!
  • Much, much more

Don’t waste time. Update your ghost!!