Few days ago the German TV Channel NDR did an exclusive interview with Edward Snowden.

I find it quite interesting, both for getting to know Snowden and have a fast overview of many of the scandals that were made public by some of the published leaks.

I was very disappointed the last time I went back home in Italy to know that nobody cared and almost nobody knew about what was and is happening. Not even the small discussion apart the very light hearted: “It’s been always known that they control everybody”.

I really hope that this post will make some more people aware of what happened and is still happening uncontrolled.

It seems that the German Television was quite right thinking that the rest of the world (or at least part of it) isn’t intereseted in Edward Snowden. And this scares the hell out of me!

A program of worldwide mass surveillance (that has been shown useless against terrorism) is the first and main step for a program of mass control. It is an unlikely possibility, but it is a possibility nevertheless.

And it is much worst and dangerous than all the dystopian elucubrations of Bradbury, Orwell or Huxley (just to cite a few).

The integral video has been recently uploaded on LiveLeak and on the Web Archive. You can comfortably watch below.

You can keep updated on the leaks at one of the following links: